Saturday, January 23, 2010

And again...

No dinner company tonight. Mitzie and her boyfriend cancelled, once again, at the last minute. No real explaination this time, just "really busy." Sigh.
She hinted as maybe after February 4th, but I won't be telling BabyGirl about it until there's a knock at the door next time.
My poor Sweet Pea was in a foul mood all last week, with lots of shouts of "Nothing EVER goes the way I want it to!" at the smallest disappointment. It's funny though: her acting out was at school this time, rather than at home as it usually happens. At home, aside from minor skirmishes, she's been practically angelic. She expressed her gratitude frequently. After screwing up something (picking up dog poop, not cleaning her breakfast dishes, etc.) rather than throwing a snit, her response was, "You're right. I forgot. I'll take care of it right away."
Was she being especially sweet with us because she was trying to "get back" at Mitzie? Was she worried that if she acted out, would we make an adoption plan and send her on to someone else?
One of the worst parts of being a parent by adoption is never really knowing if certain behaviors are adoption-related or just kid-related. I hate that part.


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