Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A new look for BabyGirl

NEWS FLASH! The other front bottom tooth came out just a few days later! That Tooth Fairy is glad she bought a half-dozen of those fancy-schmancy gold $1 coins.

It was like this before school, totally creeping me out.

After school, BabyGirl was sportin' a whole new look! I heard the Tooth Fairy laid in a supply of those new gold dollar coins...

For those who've followed the hair saga, this hairdo consists of mommy-supplied double-stranded flat twists done on an angle from left to right in the front, the twists held with mini butterfly clips, then the rest a mass of the most gorgeous ringlets, curls, and a few snarls.


Beth said...

Thank you for your comments...they are greatly appreciated.

Jenna said...

Loose teeth creep me out! But I remember the joy of losing that first tooth!