Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fashion Evolution

I like to sew. I especially like to sew Halloween costumes for BabyGirl. When she was three, she started her passion for princesses and fairies and all things pink. I asked, why be a princess when you can be a queen, so for Halloween when she was 3½, I found the most wonderful double-faced satin that is pink on one side and orange on the other (she already had the cutest pair of orange patent leather mary-janes). Et voila, a Queen Esther dress sized large enough to wear the next spring to the Purim carnival at our temple.

The next autumn, two weeks before Halloween when I was knee-deep in black fleece trying to whip-up a lightening bug costume, BabyGirl received a come-as-your-favorite-princess party invitation. By that point, she'd discovered the Disney animated Cinderella and her best buddy Lulu had the store-bought blue Cinderella dress. She wanted to go as Cinderella. There was no way I was going to pay for the blue dress, so we came to a compromise: I'd retrofit her Queen Esther dress to look like the dress the mice made for Cinderella in the Disney movie. Deal.

Well, it's Purim time again. BabyGirl has sprouted another couple of inches, and the old Esther/Cinderella needed another face-lift. BabyGirl wore the latest incarnation of her dress this afternoon for the Carnival, but I think this is its last public showing since the bodice is getting too tight and there just isn't enough fabric to add yet more length.

Bless her heart, she says she wants to donate it to children who don't have any play dress-up clothes. We always say that it's a good thing we're raising her right because she just turns around and teaches us right back.

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