Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Holding my Breath

On Friday, Big Changes are coming to Mr. Handsome's company, namely, a 12% cut of salaried staff. As of now, his job appears to be relatively safe, thankfully, but I know that at least one of his direct-reports is getting cut.

Mr. Handsome has been very stressed about this, understandably, and last night I found out why his anxiety was so high: if a particular engineer gets cut, there are real concerns about whether or not he'll be able to keep it together or if he'll go postal. He's been known to behave erratically and he has lots of guns.

I was stressed about the potential life-changing events before, but knowing Mr. Handsome's additional concerns has me even more in knots. I told him that he owes it to everyone to make sure the local police are notified that there may be an issue; he couldn't live with himself if he didn't contact the police and something terrible did happen. Mr. Handsome and this particular engineer have worked together for years, most of them with the engineer as my husband's direct report. I'm afraid for him. I'm afraid for the engineer. I'm afraid.


Mama/Baby-Catcher/KellyJellyBelly/KJB/Wifey said...

I wish I could sit with you by the phone on Friday morning while you wait for the call from Mr Handsome. I know the feeling. If it doesn't work out, just remember that we have a spare bedroom and BabyGirl is always welcome to shack up with Pattycakes and Annabeaner.

Mommela said...

Thank you, my dear friend. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. It's a pretty lonely feeling, but good to know you're out there and that you both survived and thrived through monumental changes.