Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What little I know now

All I've heard so far is from Court Woman:
"I heard she released her parental rights as well. She said her mother was going to adopt the kids…I hope you can file a competing party petition if that’s the case."
But she didn't say "as well" to what!
Grandma is taking the kids to South Carolina on a vacation/family reunion tomorrow so that should give us time to figure out the competing party petition thing--if that's what we want to do.
I just wish there was some resolution to this whole thing already. I'm tired.

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Mama/Baby-Catcher/KellyJellyBelly/KJB/Wifey said...

Competing petition? Sounds ugly and scary. Here's what I want to know . . . are kids safe with Grandma is Peggy's is Grandma's daughter? After all, is Grandma never going to see Peggy again?