Saturday, August 19, 2006

Guess who's coming to breakfast

I sent an email to some important people letting them know a very auspicious event will occur on September 5: BabyGirl begins her new life as a kindergartener. I asked them to send a quick note to her to be read that morning letting her know how excited they are for her and that she's loved. Almost immediately, we got a phone call from her firstdad, who now lives in the South (we're in the Midwest) for engineering school. He booked a flight and will be home for her first day of school. How great is that? Wonderfully great.

This is a guy who loved school, who loves the girl he helped create, and has always been as involved as he could in her life. Had his life circumstances been different, he would have been a terrific dad to her; if he has more children in the future, they will be very blessed to have him. Anyhoo, we're just tickled to pieces that he'll be able to join us for breakfast that morning and will join us on the ride to school to see her off.

I was thinking of hosting a small champagne brunch for the other playgroup moms whose babies will also begin kindergarten that same day. I saw it in RealSimple magazine and I like champagne; it seems like a good way to celebrate/mourn our new status as moms of school-aged children.

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