Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's official!

My consulting business is up and running--legally. I've been consulting for a while, informally and without registering with the state, but, as of 1:27 this afternoon, I made an honest woman of myself.

AI is an official business providing architectural research, architectural history reports, National Register nominations, Historic Structures Reports, Section 106 Reviews, and restoration consulting. Now, all I need are some business cards and enough clients to keep myself busy while BabyGirl is at school. I can begin advertising now that I'm legal so that should help with the clients, I hope, and the business cards are in process at a local print shop.

I'm excited and scared to death at the same time. This is real grown-up stuff and I haven't been a real grown-up for over six years. I have a surprising lack of self-confidence especially knowing what all I accomplished when I was still working full time.

I once read that Harriet Tubman once said that when she got scared (and she had a helluvalot more to be scared about), she just "put her scaredness under her feet and stood on it." Since I haven't worn high-heeled grown-up shoes in the longest time, I should be able to balance on my giant bubble of scaredness pretty easily in my sensible mom-shoes. I hope. Even that feels a little tenuous right now.

Just keep breathing, just keep breathing...

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