Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What to say?

A couple of times a year, I handwrite a loooong letter (10-15 pages) to BabyGirl's firstfolks filling them in on the mundane and every-day details of her life. Everything from her current fascination with fairies and princesses to how we selected her kindergarten to her favorite colors and how she fills up time during the day. I take notes over time to make sure I get the details right, and I try to help them to feel like they're a little more involved in her parenting.

We keep the original in BabyGirl's memory box and send copies to her firstfolks. No one else gets to see these letters--not that there's anything incredibly private in them, we just want the letters to be special for just her firstfolks, not some big distribution list; after all, if they'd been able to be the mommy and the daddy, they'd already know this stuff. Right?

It's about time to get going on a new letter. I wonder what, specifically, firstmoms and firstdads would want included. I have no idea if anyone other than me is reading this, but I'd love to hear ideas from the firstfolks out there. What would you want to know?


Barb said...

there is no such thing as too mundane, too silly. if i've had a letter that's been too hard to read, or too emotional for me, i just put it down. simple. and i can come back to it later.

there are so many things i don't know, because maybe they don't seem important.

you're aweseome, Mommela.

Jayne said...

everything is important and interesting. sounds like you're probably doing a great job. they're lucky that you take the time to write such a detailed letter.

Mommela said...

Thanks Barb and Jayne. Since it seems like much of BabyGirl's firstfolk's experience is a mystery to me (I get little from firstmom, firstdad is a typical close-lipped guy), I appreciate the feedback and reassurance from those who have been down a similar path.