Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pink Curtains

I know the building because BabyGirl and I drove them to the hospital when labor started. I know the windows because I helped her down the stairs between the contractions.

Driving past the apartment complex where Baby #3 (Audrey, to us) lives with her parents, I saw that she has new pink girly curtains in her room. She'll be two years old in a few weeks.

Why does it still hurt so much? It's not like she was with us for very long--only 4 days. Why do I still feel the need to look at those windows?

When I "interviewed" BabyGirl for the big letter to her firstfolks, one question was what she wished for the world. Her answer: that everyone could have a brother or a sister...

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Mocha said...

I don't know why, but this post kinda hurt. In a good way, but still... it's got some pain behind it.

Need a hug?