Saturday, February 14, 2009

the Latest

I learned from CourtWoman last week that on Friday at 10am, Peggy was to have turned herself in to the police on a criminal child abuse warrant. I don't know if she did or didn't but I'm watching the local newspaper closely to see if they say anything about it.
A friend will be attending Peggy's preliminary trial on Tuesday to take notes and report back.
I also learned that the man she identified as AJ's father, has been proven by DNA to not be the father. This is the man who told her she "owed" him another baby because she "gave away this one." This is the man who denied paternity all along. This is the man who had an infant daughter with another woman the same time AJ was born. Well, at least that's one piece of the puzzle that we won't have to deal with.
We begin our foster care licensing procedures on Tuesday night. We're both really mixed-up as to what we want to have the end result to be. Is the older daughter--the one who is abusive to AJ after watching it happen for so long and the one, frankly, I never liked from Day One--a deal-breaker if the kids are kept as a package? What about the father of the little one? He says he wants him, but does he or is he posturing? What if Chrysler goes bankrupt on Tuesday when they have to talk to the government again, and what if Mr. Handsome loses our only source of income? What then? What if AJ is damaged beyond repair? Are we really willing to take on that challenge? Are we really willing to take on both boys? A damaged 3.75-year-old and an infant? At our ages? What are we, nuts?
What we do know is that we won't be allowed to make any choices or get any more information unless we've jumped through the foster care hoops. So we fill out the paperwork, get fingerprinted, and submit all kinds of legal documents, and we jump.


Carolyn said...

Kelly's lurking Ann Arbor friend here. Just wanted to say that I'm sending good wishes your way for the best outcome for your family and for the strength and wisdom to figure out what that should be.

Mommela said...

Thank you, Carolyn. Any friend of Kelly's is a friend of mine.