Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Roller Coaster

After speaking with the prosecutor last week, I was in despair because her recommendation was to get started with foster care licensing muy pronto since she couldn't even present our names to the court until we were licensed. All the places I called about getting licensed were not holding orientation meetings until March and state law prohibits letting them even give out applications prior to attending an orientation. I figured we were out of luck, once again this little boy's life screwed by The System.
Today, though, I finally spoke with a Department of Public Health foster care licensing worker who told me she was holding an orientation on, you guessed it, Tuesday February 17, the day on which Peggy goes back to court. We will be at the orientation, get our paperwork that night, then start filling it out the next day. With luck and hard work, I can get it done by Thursday and the worker can come inspect the house on Friday so BabyGirl and I can fly to San Diego to be Nannies to our dearheart's Super Children. Wish us luck on surmounting the mountain of paperwork.
Before I managed to talk to LicensingWorker, we started to update our old adoption paperwork, just in case that would be sufficient state approval for the prosecutor. Today, I learned it wouldn't be sufficient, so that's at least one mountain we don't have to climb.
LicensingWorker said that expediency would be important, but that it didn't sound urgent; nonetheless, we're feeling pressure to do right by this little boy even if The System doesn't.

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